Premium Italian Craft Gin &

Midnight Lab is a forge where our “witty” ideas take shape.
Tastes, aromas and passion meet here with the selection of
best raw materials to search for the perfect moment of enjoyment e
lock it inside the glass.

Sin Responsibly

It has arrived ..

It will tempt you
It will seduce you
Enjoy it fully

Midnight Gin Tonic

Midnight Gin&Tonic is an easy to drink cocktail, easy to appreciate in any situation, a perfect balance between lightness and lots of flavour. It comes in a 250 ml can. Dressed in the inimitable packaging that distinguishes MidnightGin and containing a penny of pure enjoyment! Sin responsibly .


Special and limited edition.
Produced with organic Tuscan juniper, chamomile and a third secret ingredient dried and then infused and distilled

Hypnotic Gin

Is a version of citrusy fresh and super easy drinking Gin – nice complexity – Fresh taste easy to be enjoyed.


Clear, Transparent in Color. Bottle content 700 ml 39% vol. Alcol

To be served at 18/22° C to enjoy the evolving aroma. Ideal with classic Indian Tonic for a Super Freshing G&T. Enjoy

Vermouth White

It is our Idea of the perfect Vermouth – white wine is used together with the infusion of the main botanical used in the production of MidnightGin to surprise in a velvety taste full of amousing parfumed notes.


Pale yellow Colour. Bottle content 750 ml 17% vol. Alcol

 To be served at 18/22° C to enjoy the evolving aroma. Ideal straight or in a superb Midnight Tini; Negorni. Enjoy


From the oldest tradition best Lemons are chosen to produce our Limoncello, where the sun meet the Midnight appeal.

Sincere yellow bright colour.
Bottle content 700 ml 30% vol. Alcohol
To be served at 18/22° C to enjoy the wrapping citrus aroma. Serve cold as the perfect companion after meal.. Enjoy

The beginning of everything 

Midnight Lab was born from Matteo and Elisa's great passion for gin and good drinking, geographically distant but united and determined in wanting to create an innovative product that hits the palate. for this reason the search for the best juniper and the best raw materials has begun to create their first product: the Midnight Gin.After several attempts they arrive at what they
believe is the synthesis of the perfect gin

Why the snake?

MidnightLab takes its name from a Boa with a unique morph in the world called Midnight Gin. The snake that is the beginning of a new lineage. Its history has conquered us, wrapping us in its dark, intense coils, making us lose among the fleeting colors of each scale. We wanted to reproduce this morph on our bottle to make it unique!

Who we are

Midnight Lab was born from the meeting of two generations, Matteo and Elisa.
We, lovers of Gin and good drink, even if far away, have found in this passion an important meeting point: make something of our own, a unique, innovative product, which involves the palate and the spirit .
A passion that pushed us to make something never seen before.

Elisa Bixio

Venetian with hair and never predictable, she is the owner and sales manager of Poderi Bixio but she is above all a true gin lover! For this reason, she cannot resist Matteo's proposal and begins to pursue the "perfect recipe" with him.


Young and enterprising Tuscan DOC, he knows that the best juniper in the world comes from his land. This awareness combined with his great passion for Gin and its botanicals leads him to want to create an innovative product that fully reflects his taste and his idea of gin. The meeting with Elisa allows him to take action!

Midnight Gin

We research the best juniper from Tuscany and the best raw materials to give life to our first recipe, and, finally in 2020, after almost a year of tests and studies, MIDNIGHTGIN takes shape and Spirit - in every sense.


Juniper is the main botany of Gin, not only from a historical point of view but above all thanks to its flavor. Many distillers consider the Italian juniper as the best in the world, in particular the areas of Umbria and Tuscany thanks to the soil and the suitable microclimate allow us to harvest a very high quality juniper.Our Midnight Gin is made using only Italian juniper, to be precise only Tuscan juniper, to get the most out of this wonderful berry.


The chinotto together with the lemon forms the strong citrus profile that we wanted to give to our Midnight Gin and contributes with its very characteristic bitterness to calm the sweet notes conferred by other botanicals, giving the Gin a dry and bitter finish that leaves the mouth satisfied. and ready for a new Midnight GinTonic.


The second citrus fruit we use to enhance the citrus profile is lemon to give freshness, drinkability and fragrance to our Midnight Gin.


There are many varieties of pepper with very different characteristics, what we have decided to include among the botanicals is a very particular and citrusy pepper, where the classic tingle of pepper is dominated by the intense aroma.


The second flower we use is Ireos, a common name for some species of plants belonging to the genus Iris. It has a pleasant smell of violet in the dry state and contributes to the floral profile of our gin.


To counteract the sweeter notes given by the flowers, we have included ginger in our blend of botanicals. Once distilled, it almost completely loses its characteristic tingling but maintains its marked and characteristic aroma unaltered.


Elderberry is the first of the flowers we use to create the base of our Midnight Gin, helping to give roundness to the blend of botanicals: We have chosen elderberry for the sweet scent of its flowers and for the freshness it gives to the drinks in which it is used.

5 Secret botanicals

In addition to juniper and the six botanicals described above, we have included 5 other botanicals in our gin that we want to keep secret. Some of these contribute to forming the basis on which the entire sensory experience rests, while others give a more decisive contribution to the taste and character of our gin.In addition to juniper, 11 botanicals are used, all meticulously selected and dosed to enclose in the glass the experience we want you to try!